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About Air Duct Medic, LLC

Humble Beginnings

In 1998, Marvin started the business with his oldest son Jerrome and his nephew Ed. Later on, his other sons joined in, Jarrid, Marvin Jr., and Jamin, with years of service. His wife, K.C., also became a part of the business in 2000 as the office manager.

Air Duct Medic, LLC Employees

Our Own System

To save the duct system of many homes in New Mexico, we developed our own way of sealing in-floor duct systems in 2003. Our system of SAFE Encasement builds a rubberized cocoon that encases the damage and seals the ducts. It also has a rust inhibitor to stop the rust, and mold cannot grow on it. Another benefit is it blocks out Radon gasses.

Air Duct Medic, LLC Employees in New Mexico State Hall


Recently, we have received two of the largest State contracts for air duct cleaning in New Mexico. These are the State Capitol (Round House) and the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque. Both are over 180,000 square feet of offices, museums, theaters, and historical buildings.

Our Clients

Be one of our many happy and satisfied customers. We are very happy to have served more than 6,800 residential customers. Aside from these, we also work for the following:

• New Mexico Government Roundhouse and Annex Buildings
• Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center
• Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute
• Youth Diagnostic and Development Center
• John Simm’s State Office Complex
• X-Ray Associates of New Mexico
• Albuquerque Work Force Solutions
• New Mexico National Guard Home

• Sandia National Laboratories
• Department of Transportation
• White Sands Missile Range
• Homeland Security
• Kirtland Air Force Base
• New Mexico Gas Company
• Department of Energy
• Veterans of America Hospital

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